Below are some additional resources for caregivers to explore.

The below booklets were designed to provide structured support and skill development for caregivers of people living with heart failure and LVADs. Caregivers can review these booklets on their own for background information, tips on self-care and stress management, caregiving task help, and activities and problem-solving resources. These are meant to help caregivers in their day-to-day lives and caregiving role.

Charting Your Course Booklets for Caregivers of People Living with LVADs:

Patient resources that may be helpful for caregiver education, as well: Community and Resources for LVAD Recipients and Caregivers

Heart Failure Society of America: Heart Failure Educational Modules

American Heart Association: Recognizing Advanced Heart Failure and Knowing Your Options

American Heart Association: Animation of Heart Failure

American Heart Association: Self-Check Plan for Heart Failure Management

American Heart Association: Healthier Living with Heart Failure: Managing Symptoms and Reducing Risk

Guides to living healthy:

American Heart Association: Healthy Living

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Healthy Eating for Healthy Weight

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: How To Reduce Sodium in Diet Diet Resources

Exercise Guidelines: Being Active When You Have Heart Disease

Caregiving stress and ways to cope or manage stress: Signs of Caregiver Stress

The Caring Generation: Spousal Caregivers and Caregiver Resentment

Age Wise Solutions: Coping with Stress

Home Care Assistance: How to Prevent Caregiver Stress

American Cancer Society: Caregiver Series, Stress Management: Video

Cognitive Restructuring for Tackling Cognitive Distortions

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Video

Lukin Center: 5 Surprisingly Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises

Family Caregiver Alliance: Relaxation for Caregivers, Mindfulness Meditation: Video

Zen Caregiving Project: Mindful Caregiving Education Explained

Kind Ethics: Getting Caregivers to Ask for Help

National Institute on Aging: Share the Care, Caring for Yourself

The Caring Generation: Caregiving, When Families Don’t Get Along