Patient resources that may be helpful for caregiver education, as well: Community and Resources for LVAD Recipients and Caregivers

Heart Failure Society of America: Heart Failure Educational Modules

American Heart Association: Recognizing Advanced Heart Failure and Knowing Your Options

American Heart Association: Animation of Heart Failure

American Heart Association: Self-Check Plan for Heart Failure Management

American Heart Association: Healthier Living with Heart Failure: Managing Symptoms and Reducing Risk

Guides to living healthy:

American Heart Association: Healthy Living

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Healthy Eating for Healthy Weight

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: How To Reduce Sodium in Diet Diet Resources

Exercise Guidelines: Being Active When You Have Heart Disease

Caregiving stress and ways to cope or manage stress: Signs of Caregiver Stress

The Caring Generation: Spousal Caregivers and Caregiver Resentment

Age Wise Solutions: Coping with Stress

Home Care Assistance: How to Prevent Caregiver Stress

American Cancer Society: Caregiver Series, Stress Management: Video

Cognitive Restructuring for Tackling Cognitive Distortions

Introduction to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Video

Lukin Center: 5 Surprisingly Effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Exercises

Family Caregiver Alliance: Relaxation for Caregivers, Mindfulness Meditation: Video

Zen Caregiving Project: Mindful Caregiving Education Explained

Kind Ethics: Getting Caregivers to Ask for Help

National Institute on Aging: Share the Care, Caring for Yourself

The Caring Generation: Caregiving, When Families Don’t Get Along